Russian translation of OSA Optics Discovery Kit

The OSA Discovery Kits are excellent home learning tools for all age groups. Suitable for fifth grade and up, these unique kits are available in single or classroom setups through Edmund Industrial Optics. The kit features 11 experiments to demonstrate the basic principles of optics using the kit's components, which include lenses, color filters, polarizers, optical fibers, a mirror, a hologram, a diffraction grating and an optical illusion slide — plus a detailed instruction booklet.

In September 2006, Svetlana Pishko (Chapter Secretary) and Dr. Svetlana V. Boriskina (Chapter Faculty Advisor) have translated the OSA Optics Discovery Kit instructions into Russian. The instructions are being used for presentations in Kharkov high schools and are made publicly available through our website (below) and the OSA website.

Download instructions